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Women Sitting on the Floor

My acting mantra

To embody is to empathize

Education & Experience


Bachelor of Arts in Theater Performance

University of Glen Falls

Best Actress, College of Performing Arts

GPA 4.0



Romeo & Juliet

Croalstead pictures Production


Jane eyre

Jane Eyre

Halderperry Community Theater

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What i can do

Skills & Proficiencies

Acting (Drama)

Acting (Comedy)

Modern Dance

Classical Singing

What i've done so far


A Woman Sitting on the Floor

Loren's Final Evening

A short film, 2024

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"Jasmine is a joy to capture on film. She understands character depth and it shows in her nuanced performances. She is a great collaborator and brings an enthusiastic energy on set."

Helene Paquet, Film Director

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Jasmine Pedraza


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